fear not God can be trusted

Belonging House was founded upon a call from God:
Raise up an army of artists
who will build Jesus a throne in the earth.

Belonging House is a growing online community of artists and creative people who share similar values.  We desire to expand the Kingdom of God and prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.  We are a company of men and women who have said like Mary,
“Let it be to me according to your Word.”

Since 2006 Belonging House has based our work on faith and prayer.  Saying ‘Yes’ is the essence of creativity and the essence of living by faith.  When you have faith you can go places, and when you get there you can do things.

God can change a nation in a day, and all He needs is one creative person writing a powerful story, singing a powerful song, or creating an unforgettable picture. We have been looking for those creative people for over a decade.  Thanks for checking us out.  Look around and if you like what you see, please sign up for the Friday email.

We Pray

Prayer is more a dance than a discipline. Prayer is learning to follow the lead of the Father and respond accordingly.  It is about letting God change you, and bring a transformation of the mind.  It is about getting the perspective of the Kingdom of Heaven and not human perspective.

Our Prayer

Our Prayer

We Grow

God is looking for creative people who are mature.  People who know God’s truth, who are walking in God’s order, and who sparkle with the atmosphere of heaven.  Your art will look like your inner life.  Your inner life determines your creative output.  The world’s culture is screaming, longing for someone who will bring light and life to them.  We are hungry for the believers out there to start creating in Spirit and in Truth.

We Commit

We express this through the 12 “I wills” of the Belonging House commitment.  This is our living statement of faith.

I will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and love other people.

I will surrender myself to the Holy Spirit, and depend on his supernatural help.

I will attend to the Breaking of the Bread and Prayer.

I will stay in relationship with others who are passionate about Jesus.

I will saturate myself in all of the Bible and let it’s story become my story.

I will listen to the Lord, and do what He tells me.

I will pursue excellence in my craft, and continually choose to grow and learn.

I will go low, become a servant, and trust that God will raise me up.

I will become more aware of Christ in me, the hope of glory.

I will embrace my vocation as an artist, artisan or creative professional, no matter my medium, knowing that God wants to transform the kingdoms of this world into the Kingdom of our Lord through the arts and creativity.

I will live a life of expectation knowing Christ will come again.

Sign up for the Friday Email

Each Friday we send out an email to our Belonging House family. In 13 years we haven’t missed a week. Each email promises to inspire, teach, and tell the story of what God is doing through Belonging House. We do not use the emails to raise money or sell books.

The painting on this page is “Come Home” by Bhari Long © 2005-2022 Used by permission.  Prints are available to purchase HERE
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