What is a throne in the earth?

Drip is my answer to that question.
The book will take you less than an hour to read, and sums up the core message of Belonging House, and our mission to raise up an army of artists who build Jesus a throne in the earth.
The book does not cost you anything to download, but it is not free.
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“Everyone wants a King like Jesus. They just don’t know it yet. And you, through excellent work, are going to show them. The days of struggling artists in the back of the church are coming to an end. And the days of creators advancing the government of God are just beginning. Not with a sermon, but with your life.
It’s about setting up the throne of David and expanding the influence of the Kingdom of Jesus. So that when He comes He will know He’s home. And we will be ready, and there will be many waiting to take up residence in the castle we have built together on the mountain.
Making art, eating food and showing off the glories of the nations together, in freedom.” – Drip

Belonging House encourages artists to walk in their true identity, live out of a place of belonging, and drip with the water of the Holy Spirit.

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