Thanks for your prayers.

Thanks to everyone joining us in the Friday Wesley Fast.  I made a short video about it here.

A funny thing has been happening.  I have been giving the same advice to many, many people.

Be kind to you.

The past few months I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of God. God has been especially gentle as I have explored what this new season is going to look like, and where I am going to land.  

In the old days, I would have worked very hard to find what I need to move to England.  I would have made a lot of phone calls, and tried to “connect” with the people who can help me get the two things I want the most–a visa sponsor and temporary housing.  

And I could still do this, and it would make me frustrated, anxious, and fearful.   

Instead, God said “be like a child.”  Explore, wonder, and be anxious for nothing.

Very counter intuitive.

It has made me highly aware of how performance-oriented my life is.  And it has made me aware of how performance based many of my brothers and sisters are.  Performance based spirituality rewards your outward appearance.  It demands you conform to a standard of outward doing that is acceptable.  

This was why Jesus was so hard on the Pharisees.  The inside did not look like the outside.

And of course there is another ugly reality to performance based spirituality.  A perfect performance is impossible and predetermines you to failure.  When you have a “moral failure” you are punished ruthlessly, mercilessly, and completely by your fellow performers.  We see it again and again in churches, ministries, and organizations.

There is a better way.

God wants you to be, not do.  

I pray for a lot of folks who feel restless, anxious, and disconnected. I ask God to restore their sense of being and reconnect the disconnected parts of themselves into wholeness.

And then I ask them to go home and rest.  Be kind to you.

Recently Mara was especially hard on herself about something regarding Belonging House business.  I prayed for her and asked the Lord what he wanted to say to her in this situation.  The Lord said:  “If you never do another thing for me in this life, I will be completely happy with you.”


We creative people are very aware that you are only as good as your last performance.  And being performance oriented leads to perfectionism, and that will lead you to death.  You can never satisfy that dragon.

Jesus said, “Come to me and Rest.”  

There is rest for your soul.  Your output in every area will change when you do it from a place of rest.

Treat yourself the way you would treat others.

Be kind to you today.

He Never Fails,


Belonging House