Thank you for your prayers!

Jesus Christ is the most creative being in the universe.

A creative solution is a new one.

Being creative means doing things a new way, not the old way.

If you have been disappointed,

then when you see a road ahead you say:

“I’m not going down that road, 

the last time I went down that road I ran into a dead end,

my boots got muddy,

and I had a flat tire.

Then I had to find my way back broke and tired.”

And so, we say “no”

to every new unexpected twist and turn.  

Disappointment has taught us to play it safe, 

not try new things, 

and do what we know works.  

Even if it doesn’t.  

12 years ago the Lord gave me a few directions for life and one of those was “Say Yes to Everything.”

I was probably the most disappointed and cynical person you have ever met.  And I had good reason to be, just about every important relationship in my life ended in betrayal.  Really.

After a lot of prayer, a lot of healing, and LOTS of forgiveness, I was ready to live again.

The only trouble was, I continued to make all my decisions from the place of fear, disappointment, and failure.

Whenever a new door opened before me, I said “NO.”  

Opportunities involve risk.  

Risk hurts.  And risk is scary.  

So is faith.

And then God said, “Say YES to everything.”

Since then I have found myself in a lot of scary places.  And there have been many disappointments and failures.  But there have also been blessings, new people, new nations, new books, and a new email every Friday.

Saying “Yes” is the essence of creativity, and the essence of living by faith.

It is also the practical expression of choosing to be positive.

I’ve received a lot of feedback about being positive and saying “yes.”  

Let’s clear up some of the misunderstandings.

When I encourage people to say yes, I am not saying you should be more busy, do more stuff, and take on things that God did not ask you to do.  I am also not encouraging you to say yes if busy-ness is supporting your sense of identity, value, or belonging.

I’m also not encouraging you to say yes when people are trying to take advantage of you.   

Beloved, you may need to say “no” to a few things, because you are doing things to meet a need or soothe your pain.  If this is the case, you may be too busy to hear the Lord and recognize the new things He is bringing to you.   Most of the folks who seek out my counsel need to do less, not more.

Having balance is a beautiful thing. 

Being balanced requires listening to God for yourself.  It requires more thought and responsibility on your part. 

To the world and a lot of the church,

busy is considered a good thing.

Most people miss the best things

because they settle for good things.

Good things are always the enemy of the best things.

Usually when God is asking you to say “yes” to something, 

it is going to be scary, 

involve risk,

and have potential for failure–and success.

So say yes to every new opportunity,

and brace yourself for an experience of creativity.  

You have never done it this way before.

He Never Fails,

Belonging House