There is extraordinary power in self-denial this year.  
In January I sensed God instruct me to call our Belonging House family to fast on Fridays in 2019.

The response to fasting has been exciting, and we have over 50 friends who have been making the Friday Wesley Fast their practice for 2019.   For my friends who are fasting, GOOD JOB!
For those who are not,  you are missing a great growth opportunity.

There is extraordinary power when we say yes to God and no to ourselves.

In January God called me to stop being negative and choose to be positive in my thoughts, words, and actions.  It has been challenging, but also transforming.

And so, from now to Easter I want to encourage you to join more than a billion people across the earth and fast with me.  But, not from chocolate or cookies.

Creative people are wired to see
what is wrong with a person or a situation.
Creative people can recognize what’s wrong
and come up with a creative solution to the problem.

When this is mature, it’s a good thing.

But most of the time this ability is
not tempered with humility, Christian maturity, and grace.

So creative people are famous for being
and negative.

And some think their attitude is being prophetic.  (It’s not.)

Do you want to make a new sound in 2019?

I want to challenge you to be positive to your core from now until Easter.

It’s harder than it sounds.

In order to avoid negativity,
I have had to completely give up news and most media.
I gave up 90% of my time on social media.  It was hard.
The 10% that remains is just to keep in touch with family and close friends.

Being positive means laying aside the lies coming from the world, the flesh, and the devil.

It means getting in tune with God’s perspective:
You are not a mistake.
All things will work together for good in your life.
You are in process, and you are growing.
You are loved, and you can love others.
God is good.

And it means talking differently about people and things.
It means not agreeing with the Accuser of the Brethren.
No complaining,
or criticizing,
pastors, leaders, institutions, situations, or people.

It means choosing to speak life 
and transform the world through
the way you speak and the way you think.

That’s a lot harder than giving up chocolate.
It will change the world, and change you.

That’s the new sound I was talking about last week.
Are you game for the challenge?

Two resources I can highly recommend are the Negativity Fast from and Brilliant Perspectives. Both of these will revolutionize your thinking and your life.

I will be cheering you on over the next six weeks.

Let’s be creative and make a new sound together!

He Never Fails,

Belonging House