Belonging House encourages artists to walk in their true identity, live out of a place of belonging, and drip with the water of the Holy Spirit.

Join us in our commitment to become an army of artists that builds a throne for Jesus in the earth. 

Will you commit to the 12 “I wills” of the Belonging House commitment?
Will you give to Belonging House on a monthly basis?–the amount will be between you and God.
Will you commit to praying for Belonging House regularly?
Will you fast on Fridays?
We recommend doing the John Wesley Fast.
Will you become part of a Fire Team small group?

If you make this commitment, you will get the following things in return:

We will add you to the prayer team email list and you will receive our prayer emails and invitations to our online prayer meetings.

We will send you the prophetic words that we have only been sharing with our prayer team and a selected email list.

You will be invited to online teaching opportunities to help you grow and develop as a warrior artist.

We will help you connect with others who have made the commitment to form a Fire Team and give you the resources to start one.

Yes, I am making the commitment to join the Army of Artists.

10 + 4 =

Belonging House