God did a lot in my last two weeks in England.  

As I was preparing to return to the U.S. I received an unusual email from a woman in Singapore.  She was reading An Army Arising.  She felt God was asking her to invite me to a conference in Dallas, Texas.  She then said that if I would consider going she would ask the conference organizers to give me a free pass to the conference, and she would organize my transportation and housing in Dallas.  

As you know, I always say “yes” to everything.   How could you say “no” to an offer like that? 

Of course, my new friend in Singapore did not know that the conference organizer was an old friend from Boston, John Thomas!   

So I bought my ticket and I am on my way to Texas.

God is a wonderful business manager.

The past year has been a season of many healings and miracles.   

Just before I left London I met with an artist who has been getting my Friday emails for many years.  He asked me if I would be willing to meet with him in person, but let me know that he has some health issues that were impacting his energy levels.   

When we met I began to ask some questions about his health situation.  For three years he had something like chronic fatigue syndrome, but there was no clear diagnosis.  He also said he was unable to take long walks, travel, or paint.   As we talked the first thing I noticed was how pale and colorless his face was.  It was as if all the life was drained out of him.

After talking some more, I learned that this situation began after a 6-week mission trip to China.  He never recovered from the trip.

So we prayed, in a busy Cafe Nero in a train station in London.  And as we prayed, and dealt with the aftermath of his mission trip, the color began to come back to his face.  I asked him how he felt, and he began to feel “like himself again.”

We talked some more, and I asked him if I could pray for him again.  As we prayed he visibly began to look younger.  And then his white hair began to look darker!  I had a hard time believing what I saw before my eyes.

A few days later, I received this email:

Since Thursday I have felt like God has totally healed me and like my head is free from a heavy cloud. I did two 20 minute walks on Friday which I have not managed for 3 years without suffering the next day or later the same day.

Today I told the Muslim family I work with and the mother said she could see and tell a difference and thanked God. She asked if I would pray for them and their house, so I did in Jesus’ name and they were very open to letting me pray for them . . .

Let’s do a happy dance.

A special thank you to everyone who has been fasting on Fridays.  I have noticed a little boost from it each week.  This has been an amazing year of acceleration!  Thanks for being part of this exciting new season.

Thank you for your prayers.

He Never Fails,


Belonging House